MTM tuned Audi Q7 4.2L V8 FSI Supercharged K500 (500 hp)

Some footage of a Audi Q7 4.2 FSI V8 supercharged and tuned by MTM (K500 package - 500 horsepower, 428 lb-ft). This SUV goes 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds and tops out at around 175 mph. It was a blast to drive for such a big truck. The air suspension has also been modifed to allow a larger range of ride height adjustment.Song: "I feel you" by Kevin Macleod - ISRC: US-UAN-11-00841Keywords: Audi 4.2 FSI V8 Supercharged Blown Q7 R8 RS4 S4 S5 Launch AWD Quattro Beschleunigung Drift Burnout Donut Fast 0-100 Drag Roots Lysholm X5 X6 X6M X5M
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